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I just graduated a few month’s ago, it’s been 5 month already i’m apply some cv and done tes for a company, a lot banking to start work, but then I was thinking really hard… this is really my way? I guess my major didn’t match well with me, ah i took financial management in a college around my house But then i realized that the real world it’s begin… i’ve try my best to get a job because i wanna save money for holiday go to my favorite country (should i tell you guys? Yep it’s korea since i’m a KPOP Addict, an Japan that i adore), another one to give some money for my parents i really hope i can made them happy and proud of me but it still…i can’t make it really happening yet. How sad and hopeless T^T sometimes i’m hiding and cry cry, wish someday this tears will be changing with happiness.. actually my real hobby is writing, take a picture, fashion, style, all about girl stuff’s . One day my friend told me to try write and made blog fashion *Bangbang* here it is my blog, but i have no idea right now how to do so i just wrote about my self, my life, my hair. My friend Suggest me her favourite blogger but i just remember one Stella lee then i starting like her blog is inspiring me she still young than me but already succes, i’m envy with her. She came to korea invited by “Etude House” a famous cosmetics brand ah~ i also wanna go to korea take me la 😛 LOL and another reason why i like her blog is i’m similiar with her. I Wanna learn writing in english event though my english is not too good but i wanna learn more and more, so i’m sorry if my words is fail or not perfect. Next i have plan to write about make up, hope you like it reader see you soon ^^

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