make up

i will give some tips about make-up, my father said that the one i’m master of is about make-up i don’t know it’s because my make up looks good LOL but i guess because usually he saw me apply makeup everyday that’s why 😛

1. Fondation, some people ask me which brand i’m using, it’s From Oriflame “veryme peach me perfect skin glow” why? Because of this my face glowing *blinkblink*, also the smell is good like peach. Put a bit water on your spoon powder mix it with veryme fondation then wait for a few minutes (3-5 minutes) then apply some powder on you’re face..After 8 hours later or more my face is not oily at all that’s why i love veryme so much more <3 hehe ^^ so here it is veryme:

"me and veryme fondation"
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