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Black shadow

Black shadow
hello my name is tika, i’m 22 years old i like writing it’s my hobby anyway 🙂 i love all about make-up, fashion and much more about girl stuff’s.

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the story of today..
A few days ago i got a job as administrator in a company near around my house, my first day is not bad but today.. i think
;/ kinda hard and bad because i have no idea what to do and don’t have any experience at all with this kind of job i almost cry today, but suddenly i remember how hard to get a job, i keep telling my self to be strong no matter what i wont and shouldn’t made my parents feels disappointed on me anymore. AH it will nice if i can be a famous blogger and get some money from my hobby (writing) LOL but how come? I should realized this is what we call a real life.

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