Sometimes i feels live is not easy, i’m having a hard time and depressed lately..over thinking, too much worried, usualy i didn’t share about my problem with parents just..is not my habit i can’t describe how afraid i am. But my siblings sister,cousin from my auntie, my unnie (bestfriend) is the best….. they are? Hehe..
1. Nia Yulia Rachmawati she is so kind heart, nice as angel never negative thinking too perfect being human , she has 1 son and 2 daughter and live in denpasar-bali come on order to her shop “PURNAMA LAMPS” near seminyak. i’ve promoting her product is the best quality you will not regret for order i’m sure 100%.
2. Hani Susanti, beauty, diligent, and smart how envy i am to her T^T my dad and also mom keep comparing me with her and i know i can’t same as her so i will just admit that her attitude is more good than me <3 she also have a shop in Kuta-Bali “SINAR RIZKY SHOP” near kuta beach if you in Bali check her product and order for the best quality i promise.
3. Eli Lestiani, hmm…her logic is quite good, a good chef, and strong women LOL >;)  i feels shy to said that. But sometimes  she can’t keep something as secret that’s a reason why i don’t trust her LOL >:O

4. Dema Kusumati, just listen her opinion, her words, and how she treat me can make me calm everywhere, anytime that’s why i feels comfortable talk and sharing about anything with her. She also kind, smart, low profile ah again too perfect being human. I always pray for her hapiness <3
5. Dwi Gina Agustina has v-line face LOL what should i do to upgrade my chubby cheeks with a small face like her, she’s really really independent i’m sure she can survive and live event if she move to another country haha, beauty, super busy girl, always help me when i got trouble.

6. Fitria Novianty

she is a good listener when i need somebody to sharing about and very understanding me…. has same hobby ass me culinary & we both kpop holic but the difference is she only like Super Junior but me? i like all about kpop *include Super Junior <3 specially who has a good song i will love it.

7. Dea, again i’m envy with you unnie. How can you have an awesome brain like that? May i instal this brain like yours? LOL thanks for help me when i have a hard time.
Their my beloved siblings, cousin, and unnie. I really love you all <3 thanks for being nice and help me always. I wish someday they will proud of me, i know i’m nothing today but someday i should be something <3

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