Software for make over your face..

~PART 1~

Hello today i will give you review from the great software i ever see LOL Check this out…. Meitu is a software from China, since i can’t understand about photoshop that’s why i’m googling something different and easy..

A long time ago i found a video to teach you how to use a software for edit picture , i think wowwww cool! The problem is from chinese language so i don’t understand what the title of that software. I’m searching..searching.. and searching finally i got it, download, and install on my laptop . Oh so it’s “Meitu-xiuxiu”. My First time editing a picture is kinda bad because over-edited.

(left: too much blush on *make up=editing*, right: less edited too dark)

(up: Before editing, middle:  After editing, the right-eyelash didn’t fit on real eyes, bottom: Too much edited is not natural looks)

too many thing i’ve edit LOL until i thought before editing is looks better than after i edited it ><”…i never give up to give a try, and hehe yessss! My friends said my editing looks good and better right now.

How it is? Which one better? Tehe ^3^ i will give you a simple tutorial to using meitu-xiuxiu here it is:

A. Slide 1
It’s about lighting or brightness you can choose what do you want in the right option there’s much style: sephia, blur, and more.

All about make up stuff’s:
1] to whitening ur skin
2] is to blur ur face (covering acne etc)
3] make ur cheeks smaller
4] made ur eyes looks bigger
5] covered the black spots on the bottom of eyes
6] fake eyelash, you can put,cut and crop fit on ur eyes
7] softlense
8] eyes make up (eyelash plus eyeliner)
9] eyebrow
10] reduce red-eye
11] to put on lipstick
12] hair dye
13] blush on
14] add a tatto on ur body
15] add another photo
16] next slide

Actually it has a function for add a smiley or you can put some cute stuff like band or other just give a try, it easy because when you click something, there appear a picture tutorial what for ..



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