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Hair care..Hair extensions, hairclip, bang, ponytail, fashion wig don't be afraid to be different and prettier

hello hello~ it’s my old post but i want to share more pictures on this 😀

i feels sorry i don’t write a post lately because i was busy LOL but still whatever my job right now, writing is the best lol <3

i will review about Hair care..Hair extensions, hairclip, bangs, ponytail,  fashion wig don’t be afraid to be different 🙂
you know why i love hair care product? because my hair is very thin, i’m not confident enough with that..

i wonder why people keep gave me too much comment ==” is they don’t have a business that’s why they keep thinking of my own business LOL just let me doing whatever i want la i didn’t use your money for buy hair care so why need to worry about? >:)


1. Hair extensions human hair

first time before i did that, i feels a bit worry why? appear a rumor blablabla *is not important* i save money because during 2009 is still expensive for wearing hair extensions. so i worked (part time job) and after a few month i can buy hair extensions. You need to take care your extensions, and service that after 2-3 month, and treatment at least once in two weeks

-> I have the straight one about 60 pcs, and the curly one 57 pcs I lost some of them but I have no idea where it is :/
-real hair don’t look like strange if you has the same colour between ur real hair and the extensions
-i don’t feel hair extensions is heavy at all like hairclip
-i can wearing that by my self no need to go to salon (only master who can do it lol just kidding :P) but sure, I don’t think the beginner people can do that
-expensive more than hairclip (sintetis or human hair versions of hairclip *is not real human hair 100% but the colour is not too shine so don’t looks fake)
-you need go to salon for wearing-take off after 2-3 months when the glue lost and not work anymore, treatment, and etc etc
-if you don’t put in the right part of hair it will be pain
-if u has different colour between ur real hair and extension it will looks strange and unnatural ==”

hair extensions human hair 100%
~me with hair extensions~

2. Hairclip

->I have one shizuka hair clip human hair curly wave 65cm (actually sintetis but the quality is good and not too shine)
-Full set
-so many type you can choose a style that match on you
-so simple only one step (just clip on ur hair)


-myhair is not shine as my shizuka hairclip so i didn’t confident to using it everyday

-it’s kinda pain if u using hairclip for a long time

~me with shizuka hairclp~

->and different hairclip, medium 45cm sintetis natural black idk is not from any brand that I know, I just bought from my friend.
-If you want to buy hairclip for photoshoot or some event is good enough la
-i don’t think u can using this except photoshoot or event, bcs it clearly looks fakes :/
-if you has thin hair it will not covering the clip on ur hair

(she is my friend, she also bought the same hairlclip as me)

3. bangs (poni)

i dont have this item, but my cousin  have it.

i think it’s good enough la she bought bangs from jakarta Rp75.000 but u can also buy bangs from is about Rp 100.000

~mw with bangs~


4. Fashion wig sooner… 😛

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