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Shizuka Fashion Wig (wig berkualitas dari Jepang)

As my promise I will review shizuka fashion wig. I feels hopeless with my real hair, when I wanna dye and changes my hairstyle somehow it’s doesn’t work. One day i was online and looking forward a brand that steal my heart already haha lol xD from japan “shizuka fashion wig” that time I’m confused :/ which one I should buy because I love all style.. I want all, long curly chestnut, blonde short, wavy, so adorable but..but.. unfortunately not enough money ==” since I’m still a student 2years ago, I wish I will find a fashion wig,hairclip,extensions,bang sponsor sooner it will be nice if I can be a model from fashion wig. if you ask me why? There’s no need to doing sexy poses because the point is hair since is my dream to be… Haha just joke I know I’m not that pretty for being a real model I just being model for a photo contest and model for my own shop . Is not because I really like take a picture anytime the real reason is I don’t have a budget to paying model for my product yet.
let just review this product shizuka fashion wig human hair Rp350.000 i bought from she is nice and fast respond..
-Has so many style
-i recomended this brand for a photoshoot and photo contest, because hair is an important thing for a woman. If u has a haircut that match on you, I’m sure your looks will prettier 🙂 trust me
-i’ve win some money from a photo contest because of shizuka fashion wig <3
-you can’t iron or curlying this since is not 100% human hair as they said :/ (90% sintetis with a high quality, 10% human hair I guess)
-the colour only looks natural in a picture not in a real because is shine but also not too shine as sintetis 100%

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