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New Item: Fumiyo Hair extensions 50pcs(medium) human hair 100% , Hair clip sintetis and fashion wig natural black straight…

Hi… hello.. annyeong..

How are you today? I hope fine as me hehe ^^

I have so much a pending post, but when i saw these picture suddenly i remember to write about my new item product, i’m selling hair extensions human hair and sintetis..  i’m not same as other shop why? Because i’m honest >///< even is my own product i still review (+) and (-) product because i won’t lie on you is my style as well..


1] Fumiyo Hair extensions 50pcs(medium) human hair 100%

You can see this picture

it is my friend, she told me a few days ago that she wanna wearing hair extensions and ask me “where you buy a hair extensions and wear that because i don’t understand where should i go to salon who has a good quality” hmmm so i just suggest her to buy my own product and i will put on hair extensions by my self i sell with a less price than salon LOL *promotion* 😛  then she said ok and wanna try, because is first time  her wearing extensions i’m sure she don’t know how to take care your extensions to keep the quality of extenions, so i need to explain to her what should she do..

Before I was worried that extensions didn’t match on her, i’m thinking while put one by one hair extension pieces but wow! The result was good, hehe no matter what stlyes she’s try basicly she’s pretty and getting prettier after extensions <3 if you also want to try don’t be afraid, just try… because you will never know the result it is match or not on you before trying right?


-human hair 100% is the best quality of course because it was a real hair so when you wearing that look like your own hair

-you can styling a hair extensions, dye it, treatment,

-natural looks (not too shine as sintetis)


-the price is quite expensive than hairclip

-you need to go to salon/ who can put it on your part of hair

-after 3-4 month you need to service your hair extensions

2] Hair Clip sintetis hot curly

i won’t explain it because i’ve write about that in the last post, but you can see the picture of product:



3] Fashion wig natural black straight



if you have a question you can leave comment or ask me in my formspring account: ^^

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  • natural hair extensions

    You look lovely with your extensions dear. I am quite curios on which store did you bought your extensions. Actually, I bought one last week but it didn’t work for me. I mean I’m not comfortable wearing it not because it’s kinda bit cheap but I don’t know. I just don’t feel the it.

    • kfumiyo

      hello dear~^^ thank you 🙂 but which one? because half of those pictures is my friends and my cousin, did you see my previous post about hair care? nah it’s me with hair extensions. oh it’s natural, first time i’m not comfortable as well wearing that but after a few day passed i feels comfortable <3

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