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false eyelash #randomly bought it..

Do you know after a hairstyle, eyes-makeup is important thing? why? your looks will be different if you has a suitable haircut and apply eyes-makeup, for example if you have a photoshoot or some event, usually we need to wearing false eyelash. My recent hobby collecting a few false ayelash here it is my collections :


still a bit, but i wanna collectting more later.. for upper false eyelash i thought before more thick a false eyelash is more good but i changed my mind after tried no.3 because is feels heavy and when i took a picture is appear a shadow from that false eyelash huh :/


you will see a shadow of that in the corner of both eyes (tatto it was editing only lol)

then i bought another one no. 5:


i wonder why this one is more expensive than a current thick false eyelash ?
just know after wearing it, it’s more comfortable a thin pointly style not heavy and looks natural but also good ^^ i think. Sorry for my ugly pouting faces 😛

for buttom eyelash i haven’t find it yet after blogging yesterday i wanna buy buttom false eyelash from dolly wink but don’t know which style better? i don’t have a chance for buying it, i was busy with my new work as finance accounting in my uncle pharmacy and handle my online shop :/ i heard is easy to buy it from e-bay but idk how :/ i haven’t try before *silly me ><“

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