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mix and match red lipstick and Maybelline New York pink-gloss for looks fresh

Hello I doesn’t update a post lately T^T because of something.. I’ve prepared my mom birthday suprised, me and my sisters gave her cake and a few cosmeticts brand, really happy watchin’ her happy+smile thanks to my sister, being sponsored for my mom b’day.


(1 my mom cake)

Yesterday my close friend ask me, which brand my lipstick is? I’m gonna tell you about my lipstick brand, actually I’ve try a lot brand but the best and suitable on me is… from different brands I just Mix and match lipstick kkk “just miss red lipstick” and “Maybelline New York pink-gloss”.. People think, too much makeup identicly with red lipstick somehow I didn’t think the same way, if you mix red lipstick with a gloss it will looks better and fresh, I love minimalist makeup but sometime my looks is kinda pale if I used pink natural lipstick only.. You can see these pict


(Me with pink lipstick only)
Exactly It’s really really looks pale.
, and I prefer to choose mix and match brand, a red lisptick with natural or pink gloss for fresh looks.


(Me with mix and match lisptick+gloss)

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