Wonderful Lamps From Purnama Lamps – Jalan kerobokan no 107/depan geneva(Bali)

8 days passed, i haven’t update a post. i was thinking what should i review right now LOL but then i remember my sister Shop In Bali…
Purnama Lamps near Seminyak, you can imagine how wonderful your night will be… Don’t you afraid when the night has came and it was dark? i do, i feels scared with the darkness in the night, but also i can’t sleep when the light turn on :/ is too shine that’s a reason why i’m using a light sleeper or lamps, another reason is the products from my sister shop is very adorable, wonderful and has so many style different colour.

Here it is a few products:


adorable right? you will not regret for buy these product 😀

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