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Pearl Soap and Rice Milk Soap

Good Morning!! Happy new years all (too late) ==” haha
yesterday my order arrived, i bought 12pcs Pearl Soap and 12pcs Rice Milk Soap.. Because few friends wanna buy also.. They know about this soap from my blog 2-month ago,i can’t stop mentioning about this soap because has a good function, take care your skin, and if you used it routine your skin will looks brighter for only Rp 25.000 or just $ 2,5 only 😛 i stop use a night cream because lazy and i always fall asleep everytime i’m back from work. But the ultra violet made my skin looks dark hiks ;’/ , then after using rice milk soap for a month my skin are better and back to normal aish more brighter <3 <3 <3 so i don't feel worry when i forgot to apply night cream becuse this soap can take care my skin as well 😀



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