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how much a different hairstyle changes your looks

Hi guys! I’m back,.. i wanna talk about hairstyle right now, for me hair is really important.
Honestly my real hair is very thin and it’s make me feel bad because is not good tough,
Want to know why? Please look these picture..

Is me with different hair style, idk which one better on me.
In a reality my real is no…. guess which one? Kkkk~
The answer is no 1,4 my real hair is black and long about 60-65cm (i’m wearing extensions because my real hair is thin i’ve told you in the beggining right?)
nah is quite different no 1 Is a bit curly wavey and no 4 Is straight but in the picture is kinda same though.
No 2 and 5 is shizuka hot curly chestnut, in real is a bit blonde i guess kinda brown to orange.
I blame my self because my shizuka half of them is messed altough i’ve doing some treatment and take care my wig as well but still.. not good as the new one that i bought before. because is it fiber so you need to be careful to tak care this kind of wig T^T
No 3 is wig from my country, my sister bought it for her daughter but she wanna sell it out and i just promoting her wig. Is it pure sintetis wig so i don’t suggest you to take a picture with flash camera because it definitely looks fake. I suggest you to take a picture and don’t using flash ok it will looks better like a real hair.
No 6 is also from my sister, i never has a short haircut because my face shape is not suit as well with this kind style but i just curious how my looks will be if i have a short haicut… then i tried wearing it even thougt feels not confident and i found the result LOL as my though is not match with me….. but someone wanna buy this one, because in real is look natural like your own hair for sure 😛

Did you see right now that a different hairstyle will exactly change your looks..

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