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Korean and japanese makeup part 2

I was suprised when my post about the difference between korean (ulzzang) and japanese (gyaru) has a lot viewers, so I’ll review part 2, I will tell you the point of both style makeup in my opinion.


I’ve collect and looking some video of korean makeup (ulzzang) and japanese makeup (gyaru) to find out what else the difference on them. i fell for both makeup, and I realized they has difference point of makeup.
~ Link Video Of Ulzzang Do Hwe Ji

*korean makeup (usually ulzzang makeup) the point is on the eyeliner touch, even though they also use a false eyelash but the point is eyeliner. Mostly they apply eyeliner wink, or cat wink eyeliner combine With white eyeliner for bottom of eyes , with glowy gold eyeshadow.

Here it is the video of Tsubasa Masuwaka a famous Gyaru Queen ever..
~ Link Video Of Gyaru Tsubasa Masuwaka

*japanese makup
The point is eyes touch, identicly with dramatic false eyelash upper and bottom of eyes it’s changes your look like dolly style is really awesome and cool.

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