natural lips colors? i choose PIXY for daily routine makeup

hi guys fumiyo here!! it’s been a long time right?
my b’day is on march a few days ago, it was called “worst birthday” LOL
i hate to admit that i’m being old. everyone do, but why do i got worried for being old :/
but a bit happy because my cousins give a cute hat gonna upload as soon as possible 😛

my job career are not easy, i’m stay still.. the same me, i feels hard to find the right job a good one with a good salary too ><" i wanna give a little more for my parents but *still far away, between my dream and the reality i should face of right now *sigh

Ah~ i forgot i made this post to sharing this picture i've edited it before, but i keep talking about my own life well sorry.
here it is, hopefuly it will help you to have a refference what kind of natural lipstick colors for daily makeup.


and it’s me after apply lipstick on:

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