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A New Beggining

Happy Sunday~

I just woke up and suddenly want to post something here.

Before i start working usually i post a blogpost everyday, but now i was lack update like once per month LOL

So yeah this time i’m gonna update a little bit about my life.

Before i attend a few event like:

– Beauty Bound Asia september 2015 is Online competition for beauty Blogger and youtuber, i didn’t win tough but i learn a lot and gain my confidence, learning with YouTube Indonesia How to bu Build your channel, meet with a new friends with the same passion. I never regret join this event for sure.


– SK II Change Destiny Desember 2015

Me and 28 Beauty Blogger from Indonesia (i didnt know if you can count me as a beauty one lolo) was invited by Female Daily to attend this event sponsored by SKII because they was launching a new product with 3 new varians .


– YouTuber Year End Party

Different from Beauty Blogger event which you need to wear something nice like dress heels and stuffs, in YouTube is freely no need dress or heels you can wear a short pants, flip plop.


Mostly people think all YouTuber must be Pretty or Good Looking. Some of them is pretty nice but it’s doesn’t matter as long you have a good video content you can be a YouTuber as well. Whose talking i still learning tough, i only post video just things i like but you need to follow the trending topic to get subcribers also viewers.

– Kumpul Cantik with Langit RTV by Cantik.com (online shop) featuring local Television. I meet a new people in this event and felt so awkward for the first time hahaha idk anymore how to explain lah.



After that i got some email to have a colaborations with… unfortunately because i didnt stay in Jakarta i couldn’t attend all because of work schedule.

Last i was choosen to model something and can get money from there like $300 for 5mins video, but i found it kinda hard i’m not a model, i have tried like 3times but didn’t get a new video yet so hard to do it alone hiks :'( i like post something with no consep on it so ~~~

And then i got Email from Beffited.com for share my outfit looks and can get like $100 for 3looks each day, but i wasn’t share anything cos i couldn’t understand about my size on english size have no idea why so hard.


I was regreting didn’t go to this event:


Yes yes i’m single i want to learn how to do make up natural for a first date, because i didnt want if my crush is run aways because i looks “menor”

Also i have 3 favourite chatting application such as Skout, Tinder, and Paktor.

Haha this post so random i talk a lot like a………z

Eh i want to let you know that i found something good :



My current favourite Hair Tonic is Johnny Andrean is less than $3 loh but i think is smell so good you can try as well if you have a thin hair like me.


Ah!~ i’m tired kekeke going back to sleep see ya next time ♡♥


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