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Happy Saturday everyone~ I will review about my current favourite softlens nowdays, before I only use a pair of circle lens to do a blog review or stuffs but now my eyes are minus so is important for me, my eyes kinda sensitive I didn’t feel comfortable using softlens for a long time, I prefer using a big circle lens which not too comfy then I’m trying new collection from X2 Diary series which has a normal pupil size, like 14mm and I frankly said this different and comfortable for me who has sensitive eyes  I felt like not wearing a circle lens lah.
The packaging so cute is like mini diary size, and has a bottle on it:


It’s hard for me to open lens from these bottle, I even hurt my hand LOL idk why I often hurt my hands everytime

Forget it what I’m going to say is I love this softlens..


When I’m using X2 Diary in Caramel Orange colour my friends love it as well, they staring at me and told me, you looks pretty today, that softlens looks great on you lolol kekeke I’m blushing 😀 but yeah I felt that as well hihi 😛


i took this on the dark lighting

and this on bright place to see the actual colour clearly:


You can get this x2 Diary series for Rp 150.000
-cute packaging
-the colour are great
-reasonable price

-small size
-not suitable for dolly looks
-I dislike bottle packaging cos it was hard to open

SCORE: 8,5

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