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Cotty Airspun Loose Powder Review

Good night Every one welcome back to my blog. today i’m gonna talk about my current favourite powder lately. so many beauty blogger and youtuber review this powder called Cotty Airspun, actually i also made a video review but havent upload it to my channel yet because i have told you if you follow my facebook update, laptop died TT

So yeah i tought it should be better to do review in blog first.


idr about $1,4 the powder is quite many so it can be use for like a few months.
actually whats make me curious coz i heard that this powder can make ur skin shining and control oil on face.
when i tried it is not bad lah the texture is not thick my face felt like didnt use powder is a good point, its claims to control oil, since my skin tone is not very oily it’s doesnt matter lah. in nose area kinda oily i frankly said it a bit control my oily nose, but also cant said it definitely gone is help a little bit.

The package come with plastick, with orange colour which bright also very eye catching.

unfortunately i dislike the sponge coz i think is not suitable for loose powder,
if u also have this i recommend to use ordinanry sponge for compact powder is better.

– Netto is many can be use for a few months
– The texture is smooth and didnt felt heavy after use it
– create a shining effect

– The size  arent suitable for travelling
– Kinda pricey than local product powder
– Dislike the spoonge


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