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Innisfre Auto Eyebrow Pencil Review by Tika Malllory

As i have told you guys before that i’m really into to eyebrow products, before i only tried Etude House Drawing My Brow read my review here

So Innisfre has the same consep has a pencil and brush in one package

If Etude house identicly with brown package Innisfre has white packaging and thicker design.

 the pencil also a bit thicker than Etude which means in a good point is not easy to be broken but badpoint is quite uncomfy at beggining to be hold at first time, coz i have used a thin design before so i havent adapted yet.

i bought two colour dark brown and dark grey here i swathes on my hand to see the  colour clearly:

so far i like this product i wanna see if is can be long lasting, because my Etude house is so easy to broken before i use it all it’s gone 😑 so i just want to try other brand.

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