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Spesial Sambal SS Culinary Review

If you love spicy sambal like i do you must try Spesial Sambal or called “SS” located in Jalan sayang  near Perum Brimob.

this place quite famous here coz they has different consep specially on sambal they have a lot variant sambal my favourite was sambal bajak which reminds me of keripik mak icih taste with “daun jeruk” it spicy but i love it

also i like sambal mangga as well is kinda similiar like rujak taste and ofc made from mango 

and if u want treat your familys or friends is very recommended the prize so so cheap won’t make u bankrupg at all seriously.

here i will upload the menu that available here:

this is what i order last night:

i went to SS with my cousin Sofhie.

SS sell sundanese food i order babat goreng, jamur, and Sofhie order Sapi goreng and Udang tepung. 
sofhie she was live in sumedang but study at UNIKOM in Bandung but she didn’t have any schedule that day so i treat her right away after finish work

she was jpop indie idol as i know it was Lumina Scarlet if i didn’t mistaken while i love Kpop and start to grow my hobby as Beauty Blogger and Vlogger. We both support each others cos we felt the same our hobby and passions on beauty often make people thinking negative way about us something like that but yeah haters gonna hate so i dont want to spend times for haters just wanna focus doing what i love well let’s back to our topic, gonna talk about plus and minus point on this place.


– Sambal taste good and spicy

– has a lot of variant sambal

– cheap

– foods quite tasty


– the place not cozzy

– didn’t good enough to stay for a long time to chit chat and spend time longer

– doesn’t have wiffii acess

– the drinks often not too good (not sweet enough or idk if they didn’t even put sugar at all)

This post not Endorse all i said is honestly my opinion 100% just want to sharing more about culinary content.

see you in my next blog post annyeong~


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