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My Hair Journey Ombre Purple

As i told you guys before  that i really want to try different hairstyle badly, bored with black hair i have used. But i cancel it many times, cos you know that in Indonesia is very rarely seen people who has bright hair like blond, blue, and something like that specially many people still so old fashion and conservative they think a girl who has bright hair is definitely bad girl.

I think is boring to be just ordinary, then i decided to dye my hair. I went to Strawberry Salon in mall near my house after searching and googling where a good salon to do ombre hair.

i kinda confused before my heart want pink but my brain said no is too bright so i choose purple

i was excited and nervous as well

taken this picture before dye my hair looks my smile kinda forced eh not so good i didn’t apply much make up that time.

they bleach real hair also my hair extensions together and let it about 2,5 hours lah is felt so so long i watched 2 episode kdrama Unconditionally Fond but is still not finish eh because as i remember i dyed my hair extensions black a couple months ago aigoooo.

Almost 3 hours after bleaching my hair being blonde

but is not finish they apply purple colour on bottom section of my hair and let it about 40mins if i’m not mistaken
and jeng jeng this is the result

is look like pink but the  colour on picture is depending of the light more bright more looks colorful is not that bright actually

took it before dinner in middle light and is looks dark purple right?

Took this in ups toilet

took this picture a day after

so yeah i love it so far altought is still make me felt awkward cos everyone staring at me bcs of this hair colour.

let me be ombre without judge me bad pls~~~~ i’m a good girl, a mommy’s little girl wink 😉

haha see u in my next blogpost annyeong😊

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