wishlist July 2016

​Happy saturday girls~ i’m so upset yesterday coz all my plan is ruined is seriously damn messed 😣 i become moody specially when is close to my period term. The more i think of it the more i got sulky, but at least my mom happy coz i accompany her a whole day buys stuff, i bring her to lunch together, and went to bank also hospital due to my mom check up routine.

I have many list i really want to do this month, i want to travel abroad i save money almost half of my salary for it. i’m not from very rich family that can travel abroad a lot. I believe theres a will theres a way. But when i actually have enough money my parents didnt support me they give me advice like you have to save money something thats make me sure they dont allow me to go abroad, but please i didnt ask them money to go i save my self so cant i just go holiday for a while? 😭
so sad and felt complicated.

second things is i want to dye my hair light or ombre. i go for it today, i didnt ask my mom permission bcs i know they will not allow me. Let see how it’s turn..

third i want to buy a good camera and new laptop since my laptop is died i fix it but it so slow make me wanna throw it away. It will help me for blogging and vlogging. Also my dad said no omg omg what should i do?

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