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Tinder Date Experience


At first i have no idea should i really talk about it or no? well i just want to sharing Guys.

I’m kind of girl that rarely go outside, i hang out a lot with friends only a girls then i have no time for searching a bf lately that’s why when my friend suggest me to download dating application called “Tinder” i go to download on playstore.

first tried using this app, is kinda like a games for me because the pictures of guys appears and you also can change the settings like how far the radius that you want i filter only guys near me still in Indonesia Tough what you have to do after is to swipe left to reject them and swipe right if you like it.

The funny things is when i didn’t find guys who can attract me, then i instantly keep swipe left so many times until i accidently swiped left to attractive guy wtf i can’t get back to him~ if you free user like me so make a sure before swipe left and right. if you both swipe right you guys will be matched.

One day~~~ i got a new matches He is so so Korean yea he is korean (as you know guys i’m into korean drama and stuffs, but doesn’t mean i only interested to korean i also like indonesian and others as long they were gentle and nice is doesn’t matter where he’s from thats fine lah) back to the story, he text me October or November if i did’nt mistaken, said hello and bla bla bla i find that he was kind enough at the beginning of friendship not naughty and normal lah (i suggest u at the beginning if he give u a bad impression at first time talking left it be careful that’s a lot of jerky guys outside too).

We texted to each other for a few months, then he want to meet me later but unfortunately i had events in Jakarta when i was attend Youtube Year End Party last year, then we stop chatting for a few weeks and he ask me to meet again end December in mall near my house to watch a movie together, i have no plan that day so i agree to meet him.

i was nervous and feeling mixed that day, i kinda worry if he dislike me because i’m sure i only looks good and better on Pictures than real life, that guy approach me at cinema wearing white t-shirt and………wow he is not bad really meets my criteria, handsome, charming, korean guys lah i call him oppa since he was older different one year he said “hi” i was melted lolol and shy as well.

We often watch movie together, he always pick indonesian movie since he was studying bahasa so it will help to learn bahasa indonesia, and also he ask me if he didn’t understand about stuffs.

So yeah times flying so fast and i found that he dislike me wearing make up or lipstict and cosmetict in other side i was respect him and only wear less make up like just fill up my eyebrow a bit, mascara also pink lipstick as natural as i can but at the moment i felt i can’t being my self beside him, so i tought i don’t wanna change my self anymore then yeah is quite a short time.

He was busy study all days and me to busy with work, event and stuffs so we don’t talk anymore right now.
Maybe this is better for us, but i didn’t regret to know him, he’s probably the most handsome guy i ever know at least in my eyes.
he’s quite kind, funny, confident, ON TIME he never late everytime we have a date yeah is a good point. I have no reasons to feel regret i think.

i cerish every moment in my life, feeling sad or upset is normal but life must go on, you can learn from life up and down moments teach you how to grow right?

that’s is my experience, feel free to ask me anything and left comment below :}
thanks for reading and visit my blog here.

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