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Time Will Heal

People can come and go everytime that’s called LIFE~~~


Before when i have to let it go, somehow this situation make me extremely feeling down sad also usseles can’t move on for really really long time. But i learn something from my experience that No matter how hard you try to hold on something, that’s won’t work in the end only make you felt hurt even more, so the best solution is to let it go and forget anything that make you feel sad is maybe kinda classic but try my best to continue life i believe that Time Will Heal my pain away. I keep telling my self that i can handle it because i’m a strong girl.


I often ask my self if i wasn’t not good enough to be loved? am i so bad? whats the hell wrong with me? i have no idea. do i don’t have a good point to make other stick with me until end? That’s questions make me wanna fix my self and try to become a better person in the future.

i also didn’t know what i want the most nowdays, i just wanna find somebody to spend time up and down moment together and grow old together, idk if i want to get marry as soon as possible? or it just what my parents wants me to do ASAP. Feeling uneasy and feeling hard, that i can’t make parents happy by getting married, but the truth is i can’t find the right person yet, i’ve tried but the end is not like what i have expected  and also didn’t want my family searching that person for me, i wan’t to find it by myself but idk when.

This moment is the most hard condition i ever face off.






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