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Holiday In Singapore

Annyeong~ if you guys have follow me on instagram you must be know that i just spend my holiday in Singapore last weekend from friday morning until sunday morning. Actually this is my first time went abroad lol so yeah i was excited coz really know hows~ is nearest country tought

In Husein aiport i found that the staff in Bandung has less manner not all are rude like that just that guy, i mean like when a guy told me something but wtf he doesn’t said anything just by hands movement how to understand what are you saying eh? so i bring my parfum on bag and he was dispatch it but don’t say anything, i just didn’t undesrtand why don’t you speak to me?

And i don’t wanna ruin my mood~ bcs of that person.

So i was arrived in Changi airport at 11pm and Changi looks good and clean.

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