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Korean Break Up Style “IGNORING” By Tika Malory

Alright i’ve sharing about my experience dating with korean guys, i have date with fews Korean guys before and probably i won’t date Korean guy anymore in the future this is last time i got kinda traumatic after that but i’m not regret for everything, at least i have beautiful memory with my Ex Boyfriend.

I know somehows is not related on my content writing date experience here, but i think it’s driving me crazy to keep that by myself, i want to sharing because caring is sharing maybe you can learn something from my article.

Well, i can said at first they are so Gentle, and treat girl in a good way, i never been treated sweet like that, i never think i was pretty and stuffs but i felt beloved being with him, we comunicate often like everyday had video call on the night coz he only have day off on sunday, at first i think he was funny, and make me comfortable talking with him about anything, he also do the same to me but hey believe me that’s makes forgot it won’t last that long.

Mostly korean guys like skinship, like holding hands, cuddle, or kissing. is not too obvious for them to do in public area as well.

At first we dated, everything is fine we meet like every sunday, he makes plan like go somewhere and eat yummy foods, watching movie, or karaoke, also go to Trans studio amusement park, it was my first time went to amusement park with boyfriend.

He saw a childrens using same t-shirt and find out it was cute, then he want to buy a couple t-shirt with me, he pick blue while i’m saying i love pink most and he decided to bought pink like what i said, i found him so sweet meanwhile it also kinda embrassing to use couple like at this age well i’m turning 27 this year he was 28 difference 1 year.

They like to give a surprise, like give cute stuffs, or saying can’t meet you, then suddenly come with birthday gift, at short time i’m feeling lucky having him in my life. remember that fact i’m really shock i can’t believe this is happened again to me, korean guy can be different, changing his mind easily within one weeks we’ve been Dating last sunday, but he just changes two days after that, like suddenly lost interest on you without any words at all.

When he stop cares (no longer have interest on you) means IGNORING you all the time, he being so slow respond idk anymore he was busy study or busy with other girls

Have you ever been in a relationship with someone who turned out to not be what you expected?

I was blaming myself before, everything started because of me? last sunday i found that he was call others girls i saw that on his phone but i didn’t ask him,

i don’t want to ruin our date that day, but it was hurtful because imagine, i was waiting for him until fall asleep but he didn’t send me a single massages so i thought he was busy studying and preparing to apply resume to Korean Company In Indonesia, after finish date him i went home and can’t stop wondering why he call others girl but don’t have few minutes to text me.

i was mad at him, he said sorry and said he never meet a girl while meeting me but that’s how’s he start Ignoring me.

it’s almost 2 weeks after we fight, before he just read my Line and Kakao but not text me back, i call him he answer and hang up then he texted that he will call me later, but he did’nt i was upset why he act like that. Now i texted him he don’t even read it anymore i’m sure he won’t reply me anymore god~

i felt sad and heartache but can’t drop tears anymore. so i ask him to break up, but he only read it and not reply.

and realized back then i had similiar experience with my ex korean boyfriend too, they start IGNORING without any words or explainations

oh so this is what Korean Break Up Style “IGNORING” in real life

That’s how most happen.

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